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Thanks for stopping by my education blog. I started this site in early 2020 as an opportunity to share my life as an IB educator in a small school setting and have found it to be an excellent reflective tool. I hope to share PYP lesson ideas to give you inspiration, as well as unit overviews for the MYP. These past few years, I have spent countless hours browsing educator blogs for these exact same topics and believe we can all benefit from more ideas to challenge ourselves and keep evolving our teaching practices.

Currently living in Barbados and on a mission to find the best surf spots and beaches that the country has to offer!


My educational and professional history:


2021 - Present        The Codrington School, International School of Barbados        St. John, Barbados  

MYP Coordinator / Whole School MYP/PYP Physical Education

2018 - 2021     Osaka YMCA International School        Osaka, Japan


MYP/PYP Physical Education / Athletics Director / Community Project Coordinator


2016 - 2018        Shanghai United International School    Shanghai, China


PYP PE Grade 1 - 5 Teacher


2014 - 2016        Cowley St. Laurence Primary School     London, England


Grade 1 Homeroom Teacher / Computing Coordinator

2009 - 2014          University of Alberta     Edmonton, Canada

Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Physical Education Combined Degree

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