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Let's Play Yard Games - An Alternative Recreational Activities Unit
Most recently taught: March 2022

Teachers Pay Teachers link for the unit task sheets (Formative and Summative)

Key Concept: Relationships


Related Concepts: Balance, Interactions


Statement of Inquiry: Relationships are built on interaction, balance, and cooperation.

Global Context: Identities and Relationships (competition and cooperation)

Learner Profile: Principled (Students learned about “etiquette” and what that looks like in each target game)


Unit Outline


This unit for my MYP 2 students has them playing a variety of target games including: Lawn Bowling, Croquet, Soccer Golf and Cornhole. Over the course of the 6 week unit, students will explore the skills and strategies necessary to be successful in target games, as well as the rules of the games. With the focus being on fostering relationships between students while playing individual games, they will work together on formative and a summative assessment to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. For the summative assessment students will work in small groups to create a video that demonstrates their understanding of the skills, strategies, and etiquette in a specific target game. They will focus on the planning of a video, citing information and identifying the key points for skills demonstrated, and explaining strategies on paper before using this plan to create the video. 

Learning Experiences

Lawn Bowling

  • Gameplay

  • Mini target game stations

  • Rules/strategy research (formative task)

  • Scorekeeping


  • Gameplay

  • Rules/strategy research

  • Short skill clip video (formative task)

  • Scorekeeping/Officiating

Soccer Golf 

  • Gameplay

  • Kicking technique practice

  • Strength vs accuracy discussions

  • Tournament


  • Gameplay

  • Challenges (knock beanbag on surface in hole, scoring 2 in one shot)

  • Self-officiating and scorekeeping

Formative Assessments

Teacher observation of proper techniques being used and rules being followed. 

Students researching and describing the rules and strategies of Croquet or Soccer Golf (Crit. A)

Creating a short video clip performing and describing skill key points. (Crit. B)

Students worked in pairs during soccer golf and croquet to provide feedback on shot techniques.


Summative Assessment

Criterion A: Knowledge and understanding

Students will demonstrate their understanding of target games through creating media in a small group. Over the span of a few classes students will choose a target game and discuss the important rules, strategies and skills for the game. Using game-specific terminology students should explain problems you could experience when playing the game and possible solutions. 

Every student should contribute in a role when making this video and during the planning phase.


Criterion B: Planning for performance

Alongside criterion A, students will focus on planning out a informative video before filming. In groups students will take on roles, ensure they have researched the necessary information to include, and ensure the filming meets the standards they have planned out. Afterwards they will evaluate the effectiveness of their video accomplishing their desired outcome.

Every student should contribute in a role when making this video and during the planning phase.

ATL’s focused on in this unit

Research - Locate, organize, analyse, evaluate, synthesise and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media

In order for students to demonstrate knowledge and understanding (Criteria A):  students will locate, organize, analyse, evaluate, synthesise, and ethically use information from a variety of sources and media by reading online articles, webpages for their summative video. Students will identify the important information to include, ensuring they cite multiple types of secondary sources at the end of their informational video. 

The strategy that will be explicitly taught is:

-locate, organize, analyse, evaluate, synthesise information: collecting information as a group and organizing it all in one place. Each group should then evaluate the information to be included in the video to meet summative objectives. 

-ethically use information from a variety of sources and media: working with the librarian, ensure students understand academic honesty and how to cite information found online and used in their summative assessment.

Communication - Paraphrase accurately and concisely

In order for students to demonstrate planning for performance (Criteria B):  students will paraphrase accurately and concisely by researching information, citing their sources, and identifying the key points from large bodies of text. They will ensure they keep information clear and simple to not overwhelm the audience with too much listening while watching their video. 

The strategy that will be explicitly taught is:

-paraphrase accurately: does the information included in your video still share the same information as the source intended? Students will learn to not just copy and paste certain parts, but also share the information in own words to still meet their intended meaning.

Social - Take responsibility for one’s own actions

Day to Day Connections: Along with the “Principled” learner profile, students will explore how their actions can affect others and reflect on how they can make other students' experiences more positive in target games. 

Summative Connection: Working in small groups, students will need to take on a role and contribute to the video planning process. Coming prepared to class to participate in all activities. 

Teacher Reflection

This was the first unit for students back at school after virtual learning and allowed for social distancing to take place, as body contact is not a part of target games.

I learned quickly to mix in plenty of mini target games through stations and avoid playing the major target games (soccer golf, croquet, and lawn bowling) for more than half the class. 

Overall, was a nice change of pace that encouraged participation from students of all skill levels and I would teach it again with minor adjustments.

lets play yard games.png

Thoughts, questions, concerns? Let me know on twitter @tannernickel or send me an email. I am always looking for ideas and ways to improve my inquiry teaching.

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